This issue explores syncretism – the collision or reconciliation of disparate beliefs, systems of thought and forms of expression. Syncretism has been understood as the acceptance of foreign or unfamiliar practice and in Diderot’s thought, the harmony of eclectic sources. More recently it has become associated with Candomble, Santeria and Vodou, which reflect the myriad of African, Amerindian, European and North American cultures from which they emerged. Here, ostensible incorporation allowed for covert resistance and a rich process of mélange, in which associations between symbols, icons, and a variety of techniques and media are assembled.

The fifth issue of Drain queries whether syncretism is an appropriate term for the constructive interaction between different cultures. Additionally, it questions whether syncretism maybe used to describe the fluid transference of the sacred and secular in contemporary art. Finally, may syncretism be considered a disjunctive and open form of cultural production, as applicable to Candomble as it is to multi-media installation and open source works on the web?


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