How is horror vacui ­ the fear of emptiness and by extension the annihilation of space ­ shaping contemporary culture? Are the Internet, globalization, the unlimited blitz of advertising and visual saturation products of an obsessive, gargantuan consumption of space? How far is it possible not to have our eyelids pinned back by the visual bombardment of images and sound bites in the space of the everyday? This issue of Drain considers not only the politics of carbon monoxide, the cellular phone, urban sprawl, and the insatiable desire for producing and buying objects that drain environmental resources; it also examines how these are represented. Are claustrophobia (or agoraphobia) by-products of the overcrowding of our world by too many ideas, bodies, objects, waste products and insatiable desires compacted into mountains of repression and greed? Has contemporary cultural and artistic practice retreated into the heart of the horror vacui? And is manic speech in film, non-stop music, techno-babble, the squeezing out of the pause in Rap, the 24/7 scenario in media news, examples of the capture of speech and music by the horror vacui or protests against it?


Drain is a refereed online journal published biannually. The journal seeks to promote lively and well-informed debate around theory and praxis. Each issue of Drain will have a specific concept that it explores. We are especially keen to publish pieces that connect the conceptual framework of each issue to themes such as globalization, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, capitalism and new technologies, as well as ethical and aesthetic concerns. As such, we welcome creative responses to contemporary culture, as well as written work by practitioners in the field of culture. Our primary mission is to provide an environment where a variety of creative activities can be explored with a combination of sensitivity and rigor

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